Dr. Justice Alfred Mavedzenge

Senior Legal Advisor at the Africa Judges and Jurists Forum

Moses Chinhengo is currently a judge of the Supreme Court of Namibia. He previously served in excess of 16 years as a Judge of the High Courts of Zimbabwe and of Botswana. In the early part of his legal career, he served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and gained experience in negotiation and mediation through his involvement in numerous bilateral and multilateral negotiations. In 1987, he led the Zimbabwe Delegation to a Conference on the Law of the Sea and the Preparatory Conference for the Sea-bed.

As a Judge, he presided on a regular basis and for a substantial period, over pre-trial mediation conferences, in the majority of which the parties were able to reach a settlement. He has substantial dispute resolution experience in diverse areas of law. Moses Chinhengo is a founder member and Director of Africa Institute of Mediation and Arbitration. He has conducted several arbitrations as a panel member of the Harare Commercial Arbitration Centre. In 1999 and 2010, he served on a committee appointed by the Zimbabwe government to draft the country’s Constitution.

In 2012 and 2013 he was one of the three legislative draftspersons who drafted the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe. In his capacity as a Commissioner of the International Commission of Jurists (I.C.J) since 2009, he has served on I.C.J. fact-finding missions to Zambia, South Sudan, Kenya and Lesotho. Since 2015 he has been an Acting Justice of the Court of Appeal of the Kingdom of Lesotho. He has also lecturered on Procedural Law at the Herbert Chitepo School of Law at Great Zimbabwe University.

Justice Chinhengo was a Judge of the Supreme Court of Namibia in 2020. He will sitting on the High Court of Namibia in September of this year.

1100 - 1300

Vendredi 7 juillet 2023 Deuxième Jour de la Conférence

Volet 2 – Section sur la pratique juridique

Lieu: Lion

Protéger et promouvoir l'espace civique en Afrique : le rôle et les expériences de la profession d'avocat

Financé par Avocats sans frontières – Afrique de l’Est

Modérateur: Me Nicole KANEZA, Responsable des litiges stratégiques, Avocats Sans Frontières - Afrique de l'Est


  • Mr. Arthur NSEREKO, Directeur général, Réseau des avocats d'intérêt public - Uganda (NETPIL)
  • Dr. (M.) Justice Alfred MAVEDZENGE - Conseiller juridique principal/Directeur des programmes: Forum africain des juges et des juristes (AJJF)
  • Me Arnold TSUNGA Directeur général, associé principal, Tsunga droit International Inc
  • Me Chikondi CHIJOZI, Responsable de la justice pénale, Centre des litiges de l'Afrique australe

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