Mr. Franklin Cheluget Kosgei


About the Author

Franklin is an accomplished Advocate qualified to practice in the law in Kenya, renowned for expertise in Dispute Resolution and Investment Law. With a profound knowledge base, Franklin holds a distinguished Masters in Law (LLM) degree from the esteemed Queen Mary University of London. Franklin's focus revolves around the intricate realms of International Commercial Arbitration and Investor-State Arbitration.

Franklin is also a respected mediator, entrusted by Kenya's Judiciary to facilitate mediation processes in various domains, including Commercial, Employment, Family, and Civil divisions of the courts.

Recognized for his scholarly contributions, he has made notable appearances in peer-reviewed regional and global publications and books. His insightful work has graced esteemed platforms such as The Sports Law Review, where he has been a recurring contributor since 2017. In addition, he has shared his expertise on Commercial Arbitration in Kenya in the highly esteemed Global Arbitration Review. Furthermore, Franklin has made valuable contributions to the International Legal Comparative Guides, specifically delving into the intricacies of Investor-State Arbitration in Kenya.

When not immersed in the practice of law, Franklin devotes his time as a legal volunteer, passionately engaging with youth groups, schools, and social projects in the informal settlements of Nairobi. Outside of his professional pursuits, Franklin embraces a spirit of adventure and exploration, earning himself the renowned moniker "The_WanderingLawyer." As an avid traveller, Franklin seeks to expand his horizons, immersing himself in diverse cultures and experiences. This zeal for life's enriching encounters further his unique perspective, enhancing his ability to approach legal challenges with creativity and an open mind.