Mr. Prashant Kumar

President, Bar Association of India

Prashant Kumar, an economist turned lawyer is currently the President of the Bar Association of India and has been a past President of Lawasia. He is Convenor of India Committee and Founder Member of BRICS Legal Forum and a Member of the Board of Directors of International Legal Assistance Consortium, Stockholm.

He has appeared in landmark constitution cases involving powers of Governor, dissolution of State Assembly, Use of Contingency fund, disqualification of members of legislature and matters relating to independence of judiciary. He heads a boutique law firm Trinaya Legal.

He prepared and appeared in writ petition of the Bar Association of India challenging the Constitutional validity of National Judicial Appointments commission, which was stuck down after a hearing lasting 45 days.

He was also instrumental in bringing the challenge to swearing in of a minority Government by governor in state of Karnataka, resulting in the first ever midnight hearing by Supreme Court of India on a constitutional matter.

He has done many pro bono cases, including the writ petition which resulted in judiciary directing military to step in to put an immediate control of communal situation in Muzaffarpur communal riots and then monitoring the relief and rehabilitation work.

He regularly appears as a counsel in international and domestic arbitrations.

He has been representing Bar Association of India in the International Legal Assistance Consortium, Sweden, since 2011, and has served on Council and since 2016, as a member of Nominations Committee. He is Member of Academic Board of Swiss Academy of International Law, Geneva, Visiting Professor, Lanzhou University, China,, Visiting Professor, New Law Institute, Brazil. He regularly speaks at various international conferences and reputed platforms.

He was the member of Lawasia fact finding mission to Pakistan on judicial crisis in 2008, he was the only international observer for trail of 43rd Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, he was detained and deported from Male as part of observer mission to Maldives when government arrested Chief Justice, he addresses convention on Nepal’s constitution making where other key speakers were the President of Nepal, Speaker of Parliament, Chair of Constituent Assembly, Chief Justice and leaders of ruling and opposition parties. He has twice co-chaired the Presidents of Law Associations of Asia (POLA) Summit in Sri Lanka and Mongolia besides being convenor of 2015 Summit in India and has played a key role in devising the Agenda for the Summit since then.

Currently he is intensely involved in the project to establish Dispute Resolution Institutions Network for the Emerging Economies and BRICS, which is in advanced stages of being launched.

1200 - 1330

Jeudi 6 juillet 2023 Première Journée de la Conférence

Volet 3 - Section sur l'intérêt public et le droit du développement (SPIDEL)

Lieu: Elephant & Giraffe

Master-Class de droit économique, Session 2 : Contentieux des enjeux de la dette souveraine

Financé par:  la Coalition du Zimbabwe sur la dette et le développement (ZIMCODD)

Modérateur: Adv. Me Mary ONGORE, Projet des avocats internationaux

Présentateur principal: Mme Janet ZHOU, Directeur exécutif, ZIMCODD


  • Me Prashant Kumar, Président de l'Association du Barreau de l'Inde
  • Me Kudzwai GOKOVA, avocat ZIMCODD
  • Me Maxwell KADIRI, Responsable du contentieux stratégique, Initiative pour la justice dans la société ouverte (OSJI)