Mr. Emmanuel K. Bensah

Deputy Executive Director of Accra-based AfCFTA Policy Network

E K Bensah is author of tile 2023-published "HarmaKusi Festival of Nine East African Lessons” which demystifies and unpacks East & West Africa synergy through personal narratives of travel and research.

Bensah’s day job is, as Deputy Executive Director of Accra-based AfCFTA Policy Network, with responsibility for AU Programming and Outreach.
Mr. Bensah is a comparative regional integration expert, with technical expertise and practical experience in advocacy and communications from Brussels to Addis and Accra.

Emmanuel works for the AU’s APRM coordinating a group of Communicators from the Communications Network to help amplify APRM work and is a member of APRM@20 Taskforce.

Mr.Bensah has been a member of Agenda 2063 Media Network since 2018, and is well-versed in ECOWAS & AU Policy analysis, having published an e-book on ECOWAS & AU peace and security in 2019.

Mr Bensah is actively consulting for Arusha-based Pan-African Lawyer's Union on a stakeholder mapping project of AfCFTA actors, and is Communications Advisor to Hon. Edem Senanu, who is an appointed Ghanaian Board Member of AU Advisory Board Against Corruption (AU ABC).

1430 - 1600

Thursday 6th July 2023 Conference Day 1

Stream 1 – Section on Business Law (SBL)

Venue: Zebra Hall

Accelerating African Integration through Free Movement and the Single African Market: Lessons learnt

Sponsored by: the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union (ECOSOCC-AU)

Moderator: Adv. Harold SUNGUSIA, President, Tanganyika Law Society


  • Emmanuel Korbla BENSAH Jr., Deputy Executive Director, AfCFTA Policy Network
  • Mr. Kyeretwie OSEI, Head of Programmes, ECOSOCC, African Union (Virtual)
  • Hon. Ms. Nyambura MBATIA, FCIArb, Registrar of the COMESA Court
  • Dr. Willard MWEMBA, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the COMESA Competition Commission.